Access to exclusive events - Members get exclusive access to MBGEHR's annual Spring Ring festival, Canada's Ringing Link festival and the International Handbell Symposium. Members also can participate in local workshops and read and ring clinics.

Handbell News - Through newsletters and special mailings, we share handbell news and events with other members. The MBGEHR newsletter, Ringers Roundtable, is mailed to all members three times a year in the fall, winter and spring.

Discounts on Special Events - Members receive special pricing for all MBGEHR handbell events. Each year, we will have a spring event and a fall event. Events can be workshops (for directors and ringers), read and ring sessions or massed choir ringing. It is also a great opportunity to meet other ringers and directors from around the province.

Networking - We can help you get in touch with ringers, directors, composers, manufacturers, and retailers from around the country and around the world.
Voting Privileges - Each member is entitled to vote during the Annual General Membership Meeting, and may petition for changes to the Guild Bylaws. Members may also attend other meetings of the Executive Committee, if desired.

Lending Library - members have exclusive access to a sharing library of handbell music and resources. This is a great way to try out  a piece of music with your choir before buying, or to simply exchange for the season to reduce costs.

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MBGEHR Executive

2013 - 2014

Our executive committee organizes guild workshops and events, networks with our handbell community and provides the direction for the handbell guild. The executive committee is selected by our members at our Annual General Meetings. If you are a MBGEHR member and would like to attend one of our meetings, please contact us.

Patsy Andrews-Vert
Val Maier
Susan Stevenson
Carolyn Buckley
Morna-June Morrow (Ringers Roundtable Editor and Membership Secretary/Treasurer)
Jannet Ammeter (Recording Secretary)

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Membership is open to anyone who is interested in promoting the exchange of ideas relating to the art of handbell ringing. Members of MBGEHR are also given membership status within the Handbell Guilds of Canada.

Manitoba Guild of English Handbell Ringers